Don, John and Chris – Unbelievable!

I can’t kick a ball but I can paint, and because I love the loyalty and emotion that football generates I painted this, and the universe got it right this time. Thanks to all three STFC Legends, it was the best two hours I have ever spent. (STFC’s article explains it better.)

The Mystery of History

“Everything different; everything the same” would be a simple way of summing it up. People haven’t changed, only technology. Whether you are drawn to stories, art and buildings from the past for the comfort of continuity or as a relief from modern life, art is a powerful tool that allows us to see the past […]

The Magic of School Visits

School visits are a great way to share stories of life in Victorian Swindon. How did people live without bathrooms and electricity, what was the Juvenile Fete or Trip Week? And not forgetting those wonderful locomotives built when the Works was one of the biggest factories in Europe. But it was a hard life, so […]

Transforming Spaces with true stories

Mural painting has the ability to breathe life into blank walls, transforming ordinary spaces into relatable art. I’ve been lucky enough to paint two in Swindon; one on the Mechanics Institute hoardings and one along Carfax Street. They had to be recognisable and intriguing, bold but “livable with”. The STFC mural in Carfax Street started […]